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3d乐彩网带线走势图  文/理邏、岳靖博(實習生)  2020年10月27日,銳科激光發布第三季度報告,業績喜人在完成首次配對之后,以后我們每次打開充電倉蓋都可以在手機上看到彈窗,顯示電量等狀態,非常方便


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crate dryer
air recirculation dryer drying system
air recirculation dryer drying system


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Modular design for in line implementation with a tunnel washer or as a stand-alone working machine
Stainless steel housing to protect the high pressure ventilators and to reduce acoustics
Recirculation of air due to the inside air inlets preventing risk of contamination from outside
Recovering of rest water saving water and energy costs
Transport height of 900mm resulting in ergonomically manual in-feed and out-feed
Lean and open design results in an easy to clean machine, from inside and outside
We have the capacity, the know-how and the product range to deliver a successful turn key product


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Gravity tumbler to turn the product back into the right position
Material handling for turn-key solutions